Development of mobile games and applications
Today, the best-selling games offered on game app stores are midcore games. They are created for a wide audience of players. Also popular are free hyper casual game categories, which are also available in app stores.
Hyper casual
Games without a plot, with simple controls and a short session duration.
Games are more complex, requiring strategic thinking. Suitable for a wider audience.
Hardcore Designed for players who prefer games of a higher level of complexity and certain genres.
Involvement in the game process
This is a factor of some kind of gaming addiction, which allows you to keep the majority of users. How to involve the player in the game - make it easy, with a gradually increasing level of difficulty.
If you make the game too long, players may lose interest in it. In order to feed the interest, it is necessary to use short levels, where there will be a lot of any obstacles, secret items, various bonuses. These tricks will keep the player's interest, and increase his time spent playing games.
Choosing a gaming platform
When developing mobile games, you need to choose the platform on which it will be hosted.

Most often, developers tend to make games for Android, less often - for the iOS operating system.

The decisive factor in choosing an operating system should be your choice of target audience. Focus on the platform that the more solvent players will use. If your budget allows, then it is best to use both operating systems (OS)

The main mistakes in the development of mobile games:
Overloading the game with too many features

Poorly thought out monetization policy

Loss of interest in users

Insufficient promotion

Unqualified development team
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Popular engines for creating mobile games.
There are many tools and programs in the gaming industry. Among them, the following engines for developing mobile games are especially popular:

Unreal Engine


Marmalade SDK



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